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Who We Are

NexStrategy Solutions, are a passionate team of experts dedicated to unlocking the hidden growth potential of small to medium-size enterprises with our unique Blueprint approach, offering tailored, strategic solutions that provide comprehensive evaluations.

What We Do



  • Optimise resources for lean operations
  • Reduce expenses through smart cost management
  • Boost profitability with an efficient processes
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Revenue optimisation

  • Maximise revenue with data-driven strategies
  • Unlock hidden potential for sales and increased earnings
  • Streamline processes for revenue optimisation
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Business development

  • Accelerate growth with targeted strategies
  • Expand market presence and reach
  • Forge strategic partnerships for success
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The Blueprint

Our approach to empowering business growth

Assessment Our team meticulously maps your Business Blueprint, benchmarking your performance across cost, revenue, and business development against industry-leading operators. This process identifies areas for improvement and uncovers hidden opportunities for growth.

Strategy Collaborating closely with you, our team of experts crafts customised, data-driven strategies tailored to address your unique challenges and capitalise on the identified opportunities.

Enable Growth We accompany you throughout the implementation process, attentively monitoring progress and refining strategies as needed, ensuring continuous growth and long-term success for your business.

Case Studies

Futuristic virtual technology background, telecomunications concept

Led a program for a global telecommunication provider, resulting in £176m annual OPEX savings through quick wins, demand management, and strategic sourcing.

Streamlining App Development

Healthcare technology and telemedicine concept.

Identified and implemented optimization initiatives for a UK public organization, achieving over £60m in savings during the pandemic.

Enhancing ops efficiency for Public Sector


Identified and engaged with strategic partner for a marketing multinational, delivering $2.7m OPEX reduction and improved global WAN asset management.

Optimising WAN IT Solution

Fintech electronic banking mobile network technology

Managed high-impact relationships, conducted research, and shaped business cases, driving growth and PnL optimization for the fintech company.

Strategy & Ops for a leading UK Fintech

Conducted an opportunity assessment and implemented a new silt dredging operation, delivering 30% total cost of ownership savings (£16m OPEX).

Boosting EBITDA for a UK port

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